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If you're looking for info on the best Cuban cookbooks for sale online, you've definitely come to the right place. For over twelve years, I've been running the web's biggest site dedicated to Cuban recipes, restaurants  and more.


I've prepared many Cuban meals, and have experimented with plenty of recipes from every Cuban cookbook I could find. Here are the books I recommend:


Immensely appealing and alluringly spicy, Cuban food has exploded in popularity. Recently, many Nuevo Latino chefs have chosen to interpret it in various fusion dishes, but the real home cooking of Cuba is delicious and rewarding on its own.


Discover in a new cookbook which not only explores the riches of the cuisine but also reveals the unique beauty of Cuba itself. Influenced by the diversity of cultures that have settled on this Caribbean island over the centuries, including Spanish, French, African, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese, true Cuban cooking is exciting and varied. From such festive finger foods as croquetas, pastelitos, and bocaditos to traditional entrees like arroz con pollo, picadillo, and bistec empanizado, there's a wealth of savory dishes to explore.


Learn how to create the traditional medianoche, or Cuban sandwich, brew a cup of bracing café cubano, and make the sumptuous dessert known as dulce de leche. In addition to the treasury of 100 traditional recipes, compiled by an accomplished Cuban-born chef, IN A CUBAN KITCHEN provides a fascinating look at sugar cultivation, rum production, and other native resources essential to Cuban cuisine.


Cuban cuisine is a fascinating mixture of cultures and ingredients drawn from the island's complex history and its wide-ranging natural resources. It includes the early influences of native Cuban Indians (with their manioc, taro root, corn, and black beans) to the arrival of the Spanish colonizers with the cash crops of coffee and sugar as well as their stuffed roasted meats and peppers and, of course, the African slaves who brought okra, taro root, and plantain. 


In A Taste of Cuba Beatriz Llamas takes us on a gastronomic tour of the Caribbean's biggest island: from appetizers, soups, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts-and all the mouthwatering spices and ingredients (past and present) that are so popular and unique to Cuba.


Authentic Cuban recipes offer a mixture of Spanish, Indian, African, Chinese, and Portuguese cuisine, from appetizers like Green Plantain Chips, to such entrees as Roast Pork Creole, to tropical rum-based drinks and desserts.

Filled with reminiscences and evocative halftone photos of Randelman's childhood in pre-Castro Cuba, this book presents more than 200 traditional recipes for Cuban dishes, a cuisine that lusciously combines Spanish, Indian, African, Chinese, and Portuguese influences.





Lluria de O'Higgins grew up in Cuba during the 1920s and 1930s, and her food memoir offers a look at a bygone culture as well as recipes for classic Cuban specialties.


Because the author's family was rich for the early part of her life but thereafter relatively poor, she draws on a broader range of experiences-including both elaborate meals and simpler ones.


Her well-written text provides a vivid picture of her early life, and the recipes are indeed authentic. Joyce LaFray's Cuba Cocina showcases today's Cuban American cuisine; Lluria de O'Higgins fills in the background.




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